Breeze 1.0.3

This new release fixes new found bugs:

- Add BreezeQuery::getStatus() to allow users to get status data directly from the DB
- Fixed silly bugs with error strings
- BreezeQuery::getCount() now work with arrays, each element gets casted as integer before passing the array to avoid errors. It also removes the need to pass sql code, it now needs the column name only.

To update you need to get the package, unzip it and upload the Themes and Sources directories to your forum root, that is, overwriting the old Breeze files.

The green button is a ready to install package.

Breeze 1.0.2

Another small release for bug fixing.

- Fixes an issue where users will get notified about new topics on boards they cannot see.
- Add support for accounts that were deleted but still has activity recorded.
- Css files were merged and minified, thanks to Antes
- Other small fixes/improvements.

Thanks to br360 for the report.

The green button at the download page:

is a ready to install package.

Insomnia plus nothing on the TV equals new mod version

I don't always get insomnia but wen I do I blog about it :P

Nah, I do get insomnia (not often but I do!) I just never did anything productive with it, I usually just watch a really bad/cheesy Direct-to-video movie on some movie channel I never watch, that usually does the trick :P but this time there wasn't any movie at all!

Walk around my house? get a snack? nah, non of that stuff helps me

I thought about continue to read what I'm currently reading (Vivir (2012) Julio Scherer) but all I wanted was to go back to sleep so I wouldn't be able to pay the attention the book deserves.

Next plan was to just look at some boring stuff on the net and the first thing that came up was: regex!  yeah, lets read about regex until I fall sleep, that was the vicious plan I had, sadly for me, it didn't work :P

I kept reading and decided to do some test just to mess around with, then I remembered the Ohara youtube embed mod used regex and since it was easy I begun to work on it.

Anyway, reading regex stuff did nothing but me wanted to add a new feature for that mod and thats how I ended up with a new version :P

I didn't plan this, I was waiting for 2.1 to be beta to start porting my mods and I already had an image in my head for adding a system to make it easier to add more video sites or even twitter messages but that idea can only be implemented on 2.1 thats why I was waiting but this came up so I just decided to release a middle version adding auto-embed feature as well as adding support for  vimeo videos.

Now that I think about it, I could have just read some other book :P but meh, I really wanted to watch a cheesy movie!

Breeze 1.0.1

This release fixes lots of bugs and flaws on version 1.0, thanks to Kolya for all the testing, reports and suggestions.

Some of the fixed issues are:

- Notifications were pretty broken and with unfinished code.
- Changed the value column in breeze_options to a text field
- Weird css on breeze.css was interfering with the forum's style.
- Missed a text string for permissions and fixed a logic issue as well, users weren't able to post new comments even though they have the appropriated permissions to do so.
- New status were appended to a non-existent div.
- Disabling the wall didn't hide the button on the profile menu.
- Support feed url uses a scheme-less url for servers using https
- Typos and corrections on language strings.
- Fixed a logic issue when posting a new comment, the code wrongly assumed the poster and the profile owner were the same person.
- Added a new notification for the profile owner when someone made a comment on any status on their own wall.

You can download it at the github release page: 

The green button named  is a ready-to-install package.

Breeze 1.0 release

Version 1.0 has been released.

There has been lots of changes since the last beta, just to name a few:

- No more infinite scroll option, was too messy, replaced with a "load more" button.
- Mentions are a lot more cleaner and doesn't need any weird markup, the script starts searching for members after the third letter after the @ symbol has been typed and stores the result to avoid hitting the server.
- Log user activity, some actions an user do can be recorded and show it on your wall, this will be expanded on future versions.
- The mention JS script was update to its latest release. This added the possibility to have cleaner mentions.
- Tabs code is cleaner and allows for custom tabs to be added without having to edit the file.
- The permission system got an overhaul.
- Notifications are now handle via ajax.
- Per user pages for handling notifications and logs
- Some new blocks for buddies, visitors and "about me" section.
- Added Spanish translation, not very proud of it since I made it on a hurry...
- JS code got and overhaul too
- Admin panel got an overhaul, added some more options to it.
- The usual bug fixing stuff