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Olympics Rio 2016

Been watching taekwondo these past days, fun to watch, no doubt about it but theres something that greatly bothers me, the chest protector/sensor...

It seems futile to attempt gaining points by punch it or kick it. That thing is soo "unsensible"? I haven't saw any point given by it.

Another thing that bothers me, you can win just by pushing your opponent and make him/her fall, somethings the one having the initiative is the ones who end up losing, I understand that this is a strategy and sometimes waiting for your opponent makes sense but taking the initiative should be rewarded. I believe the judge can issue a penalty for refusing to enter combat but it depends on the judge's mood, some of them just keep on asking to fight and issues no penalties.

Diving is another thing I like to watch, mostly because I like to take notes on the scores and do maths on how many points a diver needs to win or qualify, etc.

I once jumped from the 10 meter plataform, was a truly frighthing experience so kudos to all the divers who not only has to overcome that natural fear but also the presure from the public, the score, etc, etc. Besides, it is always a good thing to cheer up the underdogs, after all, everyone knows the Chinese will win, Gold and Silver are already theirs, the real fight is for the Bronze :P

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Ohara YouTube Embed 1.2.7

A new version has been released:

1.2.7 - Aug 12, 2016,
- Set basedWidth and basedHeight to prevent weird behavior on non responsive themes.

To upgrade just uninstall any previous version and install the new one and don't forget to check the "Install in Other Themes" checkboxes for all your installed themes.

To download the new version go to the mod's release page at github or SMF

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Revamping Ohara: part 2

One of the things I wanted to do is having a clear way to separate and organize all these little helper methods, currently Ohara is just a bunch of methods put together, it is helpful but as soon as you start adding more and more or you want to add more complex stuff.

For dependency injection I decided to use Pimple, two main reasons:

- I already are familiar with it.

- I do not need a more complex solution.

Yeah I realize I just said that I need a complex solution to what I now use but there's only su much I can add to Ohara, once you have the helpers and tools you really are gonna use the rest is just bloated code.

On the organization side, its pretty much the same, I won't ever gonna need a really big and full of sub folders structure because there isn't gonna be a helper or a tool that big, that alone defeats the purpose of having a helper class.  So stuff everything inside the Suki namespace and be done with it.

I'm working on the autoload thing, it is pretty much the same as a regular composer's autoload_real.php file  but instead of calling pre-made files I'm calling a json_decoded array from SMF's database and instead of using regular vars I'm using tokens that reference those vars:

Code Select
$replacements = array(
'$vendorDir' => $vendorDir,
'$baseDir' => $baseDir,
'$boarddir' => $boarddir,
'$sourcedir' => $sourcedir,

This will allow me to mimic composer's auto generated autoload feature without me worrying about overwriting each autoloader every time a new mod is installed. However, this solution is not really "flawless" this autoload file will be "buried" inside a bunch of folders:

require_once ($sourcedir .'/ohara/src/Suki/autoload.php');

Another solution will be to let each mod to install the file on a much cleaner path but then again whats the point in having a helpér class if each mod has to "help" the helper class...

Whatever method I chose, each mod will still need to "register" their own namespaces or anything generated by their own composer autogenerated autoload stuff, idally on an install.php script, update or generate a $modSettings entry and save it as a json encoded string, should be fairly easy to do but I will make sure to write some instructions on Ohar'as readme file because I'm sure I will soon forget how am I suppose to do it :P

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Revamping Ohara: part 1

It's been a while since I started to use this lib for all my mods, well, not all of them, just the ones I find it useful/interesting to update.

Ohara it's currently on its 1.0.5 version, its useful and somehow easy to use and I say somehow because even I, the one who created it and the only one who will ever use it, sometimes need to go check the code itself to make sure X feature exists or how to use Y etc...

Anyway, I haven't really use it, as in, releasing a mod that actually uses it for public usage. So far the only site that uses it is this one. But that doesn't really matter, I want to revamp it and thats what I am gonna do...

The first thing to do is planning, yeah, I'm not to fond of that... never been... simply because if I plan something it will never be done, yep, I like to "over planing" stuff and usually stuff I planned never gets to see the light or it could be years before it gets to see the light (prime example: the mod site on this very own forum).

So, first step is no planing, thats easy, whats next?  well, some planning of course but not the "planning" I always do, lets call it, "soft planning", ugh, nah, that doesn't sounds good...  mmm, how about light planning then?  better I suppose  but meh... if I start planning about how to name my planing then I wil never actually gonna do the planning I need to do, so lets call this step: potato.  Yeah.

OK, potato is done, second step is actually solve the problems I've faced with the current version, theres 2 main issues:

- Can't use composer's autoload feature.  Due to SMF's mods own nature, I can't use composer's which is a shame, I did added an autoloader class to Ohara and it works but its not ideal.  I have a couple of possible fixes for this, the most promising is storing every mod's "unique" autoload needs into a modSettings entry, each mod will appean their own "needs" and Ohara will get them and auto register them, that way I no longer have to worry about each mod overwriting the autoload generated by composer.

- Templates and language strings. It will be quick handy to be able to use generic templates and generic language strings that can be reusable by mods, problem is, there si no "clean" way to do it, composer/installers  has an option to put packages on SMFs Themes folder but it will be placed like this:


Which is totally incompatible with how SMF load's themes and languages :(    I still don't know how to tackle this.

Thats enough for now, part two will deal with why I chose Pimple for dependency injection and why all my classes are stuffed inside one single folder.

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Una anécdota

No recuerdo muy bien el año, 2008 o quizá 2009 pero si recuerdo bien la época, finales de Julio.

Acabado el trimestre, tenía casi dos meses completos de vacaciones, algo que obviamente no iba a desperdiciar, no porque no quisiera, mas bien porque no podía. Cualquier gasto no escolar corría por mi cuenta.

Encontré trabajo en un pequeño almacén de importaciones/exportaciones, para ser un trabajo temporal estaba relativamente bien, no tendría que gastar tanto en pasajes y el trabajo en si no era tán pesado.  El único inconveniente era, el horario. De 6am a 2pm, obviamente estaba acostumbrada a entrar a las 7am a la escuela ¿pero a las 6?  Recuerdo muy bien que me preocupaba mucho no poder encontrar transporte a esa hora, poco sabía yo que gran parte de la fuerza laboral de esta ciudad empieza a trabajar a esas horas y que los servicios de transporte empezaban mucho antes.

Lo segundo que recuerdo es la enorme diferencia entre el transporte de las 5am y el de las 6am. Completamente distinto.  El de las 5am es rápido, efectivo y sin inconvenientes. El de las 6 es lento, apretado e ineficiente. Todo esto se debe a una cosa solamente, aunque hay mucha gente que entra a trabajar a las 6, no se comparan con la cantidad de gente que entra a las 7, 8 o 9.

Eso es quizá una de las pocas cosas que extraño de trabajar tán temprano, ¡no hay tráfico! no hay señoras maquillándose justo a un lado de ti, ¡no hay señores obesos que ocupan dos espacios!  !nada! solamente hay gente seria, callada, reservada, dirigiéndose a su trabajo de manera simple y sin hacer tanto escándalo.

Otra de las cosas que extraño de entrar temprano a trabajar es salir temprano, de nuevo, no hay tráfico, rápidamente me di cuenta que la ciudad es muy distinta a las 2 de la tarde, más calmada, más amable, más "vivible". Sin contar claro que tenía toda la tarde para mi y que en aquellas épocas la falta de horas de sueño poco o nada me afectaban. O eso creía yo.

Una vez, ya cerca de terminar mis dos meses, me levanté como cualquier otro día común, me preparé, preparé mis cosas, mi comida, etc y salí de la casa.  Generalmente a esas horas había poca gente pero algunos taxistas ya estaban trabajando, llevando gente a la salida de la avenida para tomar sus respectivos transportes, ese día no, ese día no había nadie, durante los 500 - 600m que caminaba desde mi casa hacía la vía donde tomaba mi transporte los camine sin encontrarme a nadie, ni autos ni personas. No le puse mucha atención a eso.

Llegué a la vía y de nuevo nadie, que no hubiera nadie en mi calle podría esperarse ¿pero que no hubiera nadie en una vía rápida? eso si era algo extraño, generalmente ya había transporte y algunos autos particulares, incluso gente esperando en la parada de autobús.

En fin, me senté en la parada a esperar y nada, ni gente ni transporte ni nada. !0 minutos, 15 minutos pasaron. Regresé a mi casa, vi el reloj: eran las 3 de la mañana.

Esta es, hasta ahora, la única vez que me ha sucedido algo así, no se por qué paso eso, yo estaba segura de haber revisado mi teléfono y la hora en el, el cambio de horario ya se había hecho meses atrás, realmente nunca entendí bien qué pasó.

En fin, me esperé a que dieran las 5 y volví a salir, esta vez ya había gente y ya había transporte :P

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