• Suki | Bored
    January 24, 2012, 07:08:50 PM
    So, out of boredom, I spent the last 2 hours working on a new theme for this site (nothing wrong with the current them, I just got bored), I got a couple of ideas I wanted to implement, unfortunately, I end up with something that do not convince me, heres a screen shot:

    It still needs something, some nice images, it looks so empty and lame with pure css colors...

    I removed the info center, I don't use it anyway  and I want an even more minimalist approach for the messages, however, before I even start on that part I want the board Index to be done.

    It was suppose to be a mix between several light/pastel (I love pastel colors) colors, blue, red, green, orange, purple, all of those together, however it turn out to be a very blue theme :(

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  • Suki | Re: Bored
    February 08, 2012, 10:08:55 AM
    I made yet another theme, this time using twitter's bootstrap   and is still too blue :(  I'll post some screenshots later.

    I built both index.template.php and BoardIndex  from 0, removing all the asty span tags and using a separate table for each board instead of a single table full of rows and columns, still, there are several other files I need to build from 0 and I'm too lazy to do that.
  • Suki | Re: Bored
    February 19, 2012, 10:58:49 AM
    Since I'm bored again... here are the screen shots for the theme I was talking about:

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  • Suki | Re: Bored
    February 19, 2012, 11:00:10 AM
    I don't know why I always end up using blue :P