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Grutas Tolantongo

Last weekend I enjoyed a nice mini-vacations on this wonderful place, about 3 and a half hours from México City. More if you stopped by for breakfast or something like that.

The place highly contrasts with its surroundings, on your way there you wouldn't imagine theres a place like this as pretty much everywhere you look, theres desert or desert like flora.

For starters, the place is huge, and I mean really big, it starts almost on the top of a hill and goes all the way down to the bottom where theres a river, a waterfall and the main attraction, the caves.

To be able to go from the top of the hill to the waterfall and caves theres two options, use their inner transportation system which takes 15 minutes to get there or do some trekking, naturally I chose the second one since thats what I really love to do, it took me a bout half hour to get there :P  but there were some incredible view along the way and it was downhill so it was really nice.

I wish I could have taken some pics of the waterfall and the caves, sadly my phone isn't waterproof :(

The return to the top of the hill was also nice, less sun and less people around :P

We end up spending quite a bit of time in some nice man-made pools/ponds, quite rustic but very beautiful. Those pools were located right in between the top and the river so there wasn't any people there compared to the pools on the top.  The pools also had thermal waters so it was really nices to just chill out there and looking at the beautiful view in front of us.

I'm definitely gonna return, this time with a waterproof camera :P

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Himno Nacional

Siendo Septiembre el mes patrio por excelencia no podía dejar pasar la oportunidad de contar otra anécdota. No es una anécdota en si, más bien un recuerdo y una reflexión sobre cómo algunas cosas influyen en tu vida, cómo influyen, el porqué y demás curiosos detalles.

La forma en que aprendí el Himno Nacional no es curiosa en si, lo curioso es cómo va cambiando tu perspectiva frente a esa misma forma.

Cada viernes al final de las clases en la primaria federal a la que asistía, la maestra explicaba un párrafo del Himno, seguido por dejarnos de tarea planas y planas de ese mismo párrafo y por supuesto, buscar en el diccionario cada palabra para saber su significado. Yo lo tomaba como una tarea más, algo que se debía de hacer sin ponerme a pensar mucho en ello pero hubo una frase en específico que se me quedó grabada:  "el acero aprestad y el bridón".

Recuerdo que la maestra nos explicó el significado de "el acero aprestad"  pero no el de bridón, esa fué la tarea, investigar que significaba bridón.

Después de buscar y encontrar su significado puse más interés en saber más, me llamaba mucho la atención que hubiera palabras que yo no conocía y que esas palabras tuvieran un significado que si conocía.

Nisiquiera me molestaba la forma mecánica de enseñar de la maestra, su falta de, ¿entusiasmo? hoy en día no la culpo, quizá en ella no sobresalía ese fervor patrio, quizá sólo estaba cansada, aburrida, fastidiada o todas a la vez.

Hoy por hoy le doy gracias por habernos enseñado de la manera que lo hizo, ya sea por obligación, método de enseñanza, simple flojera o lo que sea. De esa forma mecánica y repetitiva de enseñar surgió la curiosidad de saber más y mejor aún, sembró las semillas para lo que despúes se convertiría en un amor y apreciación para mis raíces, mi país y su gente.

Desconozco si aún se enseña el himno de esa forma o si aún se enseña y también se explica su significado.

Y como siempre, el mexicano busca el humor y el Himno no es la excepción. "Masiosare" se convirtió rápidamente en la palabra favorita para entrenarse en las artes del sarcasmo y demás variaciones.

"Masiosare" es, aún hoy en día, el más grande enemigo de México.

"Masiosare" tambíen es aquella persona que se rasga las vestiduras, se cubre con la bandera nacional y se avienta del castillo de Chapultepec por cualquier asunto trivial con tintes patriotas.

Si no sabes por qué o a quien se le atribuye el día feriado que estás descansando, enjarétaselo al "Masiosare".

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friggin annoying

Its starting to get really friggin annoying...  can't seem to sync things up.  Ideas for a blog post and the time to post about it.

I often get random ideas for this blog, most of the time when I'm bored or doing something else, problem is, by the time I got a chance to actually sit down and post them, those really cool ideas are no where to be found!   its pretty annoying...  trying to remember them doesn't help much, I do remember I had an idea and that it will be cool to post a bout it but thats it :P

I somehow gotta find a way to keep records, thing is, its kinda impossible to do so, or rather impractical. Imagine if I suddenly stops someone talking to me with something like this:

- Excuse me, please give me a moment to write down this idea I had while I wasn't paying any attention to what you were saying.

Or randomly bring out a voice recording in the middle of a bus and start talking nonsense to it.

Granted, both would be hilarious to do so but impractical.  I also remember I already ranted about this somewhere but I can't find it either :P

On the other hand, I seem to have a remarkable thing for remembering pointless stuff  8)   and I mean  pointless,/small talk that happen weeks or even months ago :P

And talking about friggin things, I really looking forward to see the new season of The Last Man on Earth.

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Olympics Rio 2016

Been watching taekwondo these past days, fun to watch, no doubt about it but theres something that greatly bothers me, the chest protector/sensor...

It seems futile to attempt gaining points by punch it or kick it. That thing is soo "unsensible"? I haven't saw any point given by it.

Another thing that bothers me, you can win just by pushing your opponent and make him/her fall, somethings the one having the initiative is the ones who end up losing, I understand that this is a strategy and sometimes waiting for your opponent makes sense but taking the initiative should be rewarded. I believe the judge can issue a penalty for refusing to enter combat but it depends on the judge's mood, some of them just keep on asking to fight and issues no penalties.

Diving is another thing I like to watch, mostly because I like to take notes on the scores and do maths on how many points a diver needs to win or qualify, etc.

I once jumped from the 10 meter plataform, was a truly frighthing experience so kudos to all the divers who not only has to overcome that natural fear but also the presure from the public, the score, etc, etc. Besides, it is always a good thing to cheer up the underdogs, after all, everyone knows the Chinese will win, Gold and Silver are already theirs, the real fight is for the Bronze :P

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Ohara YouTube Embed 1.2.7

A new version has been released:

1.2.7 - Aug 12, 2016,
- Set basedWidth and basedHeight to prevent weird behavior on non responsive themes.

To upgrade just uninstall any previous version and install the new one and don't forget to check the "Install in Other Themes" checkboxes for all your installed themes.

To download the new version go to the mod's release page at github or SMF

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