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Yeah... not that kind...

The more I think about it, the more I realize how silly the aliens the history channel shows. Sorry.

Just think about it for a second, it makes little sense that potential alien visitors would be this grey/green small humanoids with big heads and eyes.

Having a similar body structure as ours will mean they had a similar evolution path, having hands indicates they were able to master or use whaever reasources their planet has/had. Having eyes means they come from a planet where their star produced light and light was/is important for evolution over there.

It makes even less sense that they would be able to breathe the same atmosphere that us as that would imply they are a carbon based, biologic civilization and as a biologic civ, they will have the same "limitations" we have regarding traveling very long distances.

Why?  well because the universe is huge, traveling very long distants isn't particulary good for any biological beings. Some might say that they have already mastered some kind of way to "bend the universe" and fool time via a blackhole or something but that seems unlikely, not because its not possible, I mean, I dunno if its possible or not but because a better "goal" for any intelligent civilization would be the ability to "live forever" or at least to increase your life expectancy or better yet, to no have any concept of "death".

Not be able to "die", by any means, can be by switching your "consciousness" to expendable biological bodies or by stop been a biological being and become a machine, its quite handy from the point of view of a civilization that wants to survive and keep on evolving.

Lets make some assumptions!

Its pretty possible that somewhere or sometime there is/was a civ pretty similar to ours, same planet conditions, same or pretty similar planet incidents (meteors, mass extintions, etc). Lets assume they are also the same age as we are and are more or less equal to us in terms of technology.

They simply wouldn't be able to reach us for the same reasons we haven't reach them, both, they and us do not posses the technology to be able to stablish any kind of contact.

Even if we knew they existed and where, communications will be incredibly slow, lts pretend theres a civ a thousand years long from us, we send a message today, 2016, they are gonna receive it on 3016, they inmediately send  message back, we aregoing to receive such message by the year 4016, lots and lots of stuff can happen in 2 thousand years, just take a look at what happen between year 0 and 2016, very, very few civs from that time are still alive today (the same civ, not a derivation from) and the ones that managed to survive didn't have well documented historical recods or were lost or are innacurate, etc etc.

So, if we still exists in the year 4016 lots and lots of things will already happened, perhaps the civ that sent the message in 2016 doesn't even exists by that time, perhaps the humans of that time have other interest like keep on surviving or they already left the earth or the earth no longer contains any civ. Theres lots and lots of things that can happen that can mess things up.  A good analogy for this would be a 56k modem connection, you were pretty exited to hear those funny sounds and waited until they stopped, just to found out someone lifted the phone and you need to do the process all over again.

Lets make some more assumptions!

lets assume there is a civilization somewhere, a type II civ that has already "used" all the energy on their own planet and are now "harvesting" the energy from their mother/closest star.

Harvesting your star's energy in an efficient way means there will be no more light comming to your planet, which means theres no photosynthesis and therefore, no classic, traditional carbon based life can exists.  This means that the civilization has either:

- Found a way to survive without photosynthesis.

- Stopped neededing photosynthesis to survive.

They both seems similar options but there are some differences, the first one is when you are still a biological entity that still depends on photosynthesis but has found a way to surpass that need.

The second one is when you no longer are a biological entity and therefore you have no need to photosynthesis, thus, you no longer depend on your star sending you energy as light.

Remain been a biological entity means you are still confined to find new stars and or new ways to surpess that need, eventually you will found out that removing that need is what ultimately fits your needs better, thus, you will start taking steps to stop depending on photosynthesis or other similar process and start the process to become "artificial".

Of course this is pure speculation... purely based on our own logic and limitations. Who knows... perhaps there is a way for biological entities to be able to survive for extreme period of time.

Perhaps an utterly advanced civ has evolved "back" to been a biological entity, who knows... its utterly interesting to explore all these assumptions. Way too intriguing.

Perhaps there aren't any civs out there and we are truly alone.

Perhaps theres indeed a divine and upper intelligence that keep us separated from other civs on purpose, building this massive universe just for us, to explore it and feel like we acomplished something.

Perhaps there are multiple universes and theres "another version" of me typing exactly the same as I am doing right now, questioning herself if we are alone or not.

Oh and talking about time and technology... I stumble across this:


That wasn't the first computer I ever saw but its close, I should write a blog entry about that someday  but for now, gosh... I feel old...

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