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Mis compañeros y yo formamos el dino-escuadrón secreto en alianza con los dinoplativolos del espacio exterior

It is here it's finally here!


After a couple of months working on it, the new site is up and running!  Its been a lot of fun building it too!

So... whats new or different from the old site?  well, a lot of stuff is the same as the old site but its done in a very different way so its old new stuff 😆

Starting with the framework, I went with fatfree framework which has a lot of cool and ready to use stuff and it allow me great freedom regarding file structure and that kind of stuff.

This site has always been a weird mix between a blog and a forum and I kinda like it that way so I build the new one to act the same way, perhaps even more mixed since I can now freely choose what to add and how. A good way to describe the change would be: the old site was a forum masquerading as blog, the new site is a blog masquerading as a forum.

I took special care and emphasis on building a blog that complies to every single google complain about structured data, each blog entry has no errors and I'm quite happy about that.

Got a new WYSIWYG editor, summer note, which is quite cool and has some built in features I would like to eventually use.

The old site got a few cron and auto post features, I added those too, this time with a real cron job.

Quote selected text, reason for editing, gravatar, tags, guest posting. All of those are included. 

A very raw permission system is also included.  Heck, I even built a rather nice image header rotator, something I always wanted to do. For those who wonder, it changes the image every 3 days.

I'm using bootstrap which means the site is responsive by default.

Its been lots and lots of fun building it, to the point where I spent a couple of nights coding it, non-stop, I honestly haven't felt this excitement in years, felt good. Really good.
Now, the site isn't remotely finished, nope. There's still some features completely broken, some are half made and some I haven't even tried them yet 😜 but I don't care! I haz a neu websitez!1!!eleventeen!!!one!uno!!

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Turns out HTML Purifier removes all structured data from images which is actually annoying, I spent a few hours adding a nice plugin to summernote to automatically add the needed metatags and now they get removed...

I wanted to add a new HTML definition list to HTML Purifier but so far no luck, no matter what I try or how I do it. Its starting to get annoying.