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Lucid dreams ...with a twist

lucid dreams

OK, lets start by this: I consider myself a rational/logical person, in the sense that I always try and apply logic into anything that appears to be illogical. Question is, when is it considered "too much"?

Everybody has had lucid dreams, we sometimes remember them, sometimes we don't. Thing is, I have this "tendency" to "apply logic" into my lucid dreams, that is, I not only am able to be "aware" that I am dreaming but I also very consciously try to "change" my dreams so they can fit into what I consider a "logic" thing.

For example, whenever I am stressed by work or personal issues, I often have dreams where I've been chased by a helicopter, yes a helicopter 😜  now, without entering into the bizarre world of dreaming interpretations, been chased can be naturally attributed at me been worried about X thing in real life, work, bills, health, etc etc.

The scenario can be different, sometimes its some buildings, sometimes its the subway or an open greenfield, sometimes the helicopter shots at me!  and no, I'm not a fan of action movies nor do I go to bed watching them either 😜

The curios thing is that I am fully aware that those bullets aren't going to touch me, my logic indicates that whoever is shooting its doing it wrong 😜 s/he should be shooting to where I am going to be instead of shooting to where I currently am.

Or if the scenario seems unreal, like a helicopter in a subway tunnel I immediately am aware that the helicopter wouldn't be able to chase me that much longer because the tunnel is way too small, the dream continues and the helicopter IS still able to chase me inside the tunnel, thats where I say, hey, wait!  cut, cut! this isn't logical, lets rewind and apply some logic into this, shall we?  yes, thats correct, I fully stop a dream and I am able to "rewind" it to a previous state and change its course.  Exactly like a movie 😜

So, been rational and all that stuff, there is an urge to find some rational answers as to why I am able to do this.  Now, I'm not a psychiatrist and they are way too expensive 😜 also, I prefer to stay away from asking the interwebz about this... so it depends on me, my knowledge of the subject and my own rational thinking to try and solve this, here we go.

I have always had a tendency to fantasize, always have been a daydreamer too, quite ironically, I also apply logic to my own fantasies!  meaning I even if I am fantasizing about been super rich or famous, I always, ALWAYS have to "construct" a logical "history" about why I became famous or why I became rich... 9 out of 10 times I end up  fantasizing about constructing a good history for whatever I was  fantasizing...

I don't seem to care about doing it, most of the times it just happens and I don't fully realize it until I have a full novel about the history of every character in my fantasies.

Sometimes it seems I am against fantasizing, everything needs to fit, everything needs to be logical, if I'm  fantasizing about been married I need to know why, how, when, I need to do this before I can continue to fantasize otherwise I just quit it.

It doesn't mean I don't fantasize about been rich or famous, it just means I need it to be feasible, to be logical otherwise it doesn't make sense to me to.

This can be applied to dreams too, which means my "sense" of logic should be pretty strong or been deeply rooted within my unconscious mind to be able to manipulate a dream.

BTW I sleep pretty well, got no sleeping disorders that I'm aware of. I also get "regular" dreams where I'm not aware of it been a dream nor I can manipulate them.

The manipulate thing can happen with any dream, it doesn't need to be a dream derivate of any specific thing I did or thought about before going to bed.

It also applies to nightmares, while I'm not able to fully stop them, I am able to manipulate them, strangely enough, I'm aware it is a nightmare but I don't use my "movie director" powers to stop it, I merely use them if the nightmare isn't logical enough to me. Which means my sub/unconscious me really is a bitch!  oh you're having a nightmare?  cool, I won't stop it or wake you up, I'm just here to make sure it remains a logical nightmare...

It is indeed a very fun topic and I would like to explore it further more, I would like to know more about it, research it, problem is, I don't want to just google it, the interwebz is full of misinformation and finding a good, reliable source is quite difficult, after all, my very rooted sense of logic will immediately ask, why makes it a good source?  😜

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Since then I got a couple more lucid dreams, I don't remember much of them and thats something I somehow regret but I can't do much about it. It is difficult to remember a dream on a regular work day, I wish I have lucid dreams on  a Sunday or something 🤗 🤓