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New blog! yeah, again

new blog!

I realize there is an entry already but hey! I need to keep on writing new entries.

I've been working on a new blog platform these past weeks, I always wanted to work with cutting edge PHP and try different things. This idea isn't knew, its been on my head for a few years, yeah... I realize I waited too long but meh, doesn't matter, here I am.

Building my own framework was out of scope, using a framework was the overall best choice. The question was what framework. After trying things here and there I narrow it down to two options, fatfree and lithium, I've been toying with both for a few years now so I was already familiar with them. Trying a new framework also was an option, however the learning curve drive me away from any. So, between fatfree and lithium I chose fatfree, again the learning curve was easier and I also liked the fact that there was no hardcoded file structure. The only thing that I do not like is its license, this was a very heavy thing against fatfree, I very much avoid anything that has the GPL stamp on it and unfortunately, fatfree its GPL3.

The license was a very big thing, however since this project its only going to be used by me and will not really be redistributed or anything, I kinda accepted the license, plus, the freedom of file structure also played a big role into choosing fatfree. So, fatfree it is! Next thing, front end.

I was familiar with materialize, however one very big thing against it was the usage of HTML elements to display icons, this means google will crawl them as HTML elements which makes the pages indexed by google to be ugly and with extra words. That alone was enough to go with a different option. I tried a few options but since fatfree had native support for bootstrap I decided to use bootstrap ?

Next thing, an editor, summernote was the chosen one, mainly because I found it easy to customize and also because it has native support for bootstrap ?

Once I got the very basic stuff, I started working on a converted, got that cover for the most part, I still have some issues with emojis and I still haven't decided how the urls are going to be saved and displayed but its a minor thing. Having sorted out the converted quite easy made me go the extra mile and build a forum platform, so the blog quickly became an hybrid between a blog and a forum.

Building a forum means extra stuff but since, again this is a personal thing, I built just what I'm going to use, it makes no sense to write stuff that I never going to use such as a moderation center for example. I prefer to focus on stuff I do use.

After getting used to fatfree, the rest was easy, specially because I'm not really following a proper MVC approach and I also ain't following fatfree's RESTful approach either. Again, this is a personal thing and it of course it shouldn't be used as an example of how to do stuff properly ? but I'm happy with the result. There was a few things I built for the previous platform, mostly the cron jobs. Building those on the new platform its a must do thing. Fortunately composer makes life easier.

I also code a few custom things, mostly related to the structured data stuff and some others to make things easier while posting new blog entries. After getting all the back end stuff, the next thing was the structured data stuff. Google says, monkey do. As simple as that. Fortunately for me, building stuff from the ground makes it easy or rather makes it less annoying to add that crap.

And this is currently where I am, between the structured data and start making changes to the front end. While I'm typing this I realize I almost burn out all the writings I accumulated since last year. I hope I am able to finish the new platform before I ran out of entries ? Edit, I wrote this entry a few weeks ago thinking the site wasn't gonna be ready by the time this entry was going live, turns out it did!

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Re: New blog! yeah, again

By Suki on 20 Feb 2017

I have a bazillion topics about the same thing... dunno where to keep posting, I guest I'll just just this one.

Been busy editing the blog entries, to add tags, images and fix typos. I've been fixing bugs almost everyday,  it seems whenever I enter the site, BAM! a new bug has been found, some other times I fix a bug and 2 emerge 😔

Also, something weird happens to the latest messages list, I got the query cached for an hour and everytime I create a new reply the new reply correctly appears in the list (ignoring the cache) and then after a few minutes the list goes back to the way ti was before replying, I have no idea if this is a cache thing or not.

Edit, found the issue, the cron doesn't take into account the already posted items, it just blindly post the same entries over and over again 😐 😑

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Re: New blog! yeah, again

By Suki on 21 Feb 2017

Added a new way to identify if an rss item has been already posted, hopefully this will prevent past items from been posted over and over again. 

Also added a generic error page

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Re: New blog! yeah, again

By Suki on 22 Feb 2017

This cron thing is becoming increasingly annoying... no matter what I do it just refuses to behave they way I wan it to behave and thats just not acceptable... if I say jump, you jump! don't say how high, just jump...

On other more pleasant news, I added a similar topics on the 404 error page, it doesn't catch all indexed entries but does a good job on catching all the spoilers and manga posts which is cool, some even catch the exact same topic and I was tempted to do a redirect but meh...

Also started to work on the microdata breadcrumbs crap.

Re: New blog! yeah, again

By Suki on 28 Feb 2017

Been working on the signup page. I ported my old form generator class which is working fine. The process itself is pretty simple.

Signup page is done. Next thing? the board and topic list.

I wanted something minimal, just the very minimum info to display and do so in a not so obnoxious way.  The result so far.

I also been battling with the cache, I'm using memcached which is cool and all but it gets in the way of testing stuff too 😔 The js and css are minified and cached to 1 day, not a good thing if you like to make a bazillion changes during said day...

I know I shouldn't be testing on my "production" site but hey, its not like this thing gets hundreds of visits. Bots can go to hell. I do have a test/mirror site, I just don't use it 😁  blame laziness or apathy or whatever but the real deal is that I like to test stuff right on this very own site, it pushes me to get things done and done right. I know if I use a test site I'll be more inclined to defer minor bugs and all that, not to mention the only way I can discover new bugs is by using my site, thats why I built it in the first place 😝

Anyway, the lists are done, perhaps I will continue to make changes to them because thats what I do, I am never satisfied with a design, never ever but thats a problem for the future me to solve and by future me I mean the tomorrow me or the eight hours ahead me 😝

Testing, posting from mobile 📱 Currentlyn working on the profile page, not do sure how I'm gonna handle the data but I'll figure it out something. 

Some more tests, modifying from mobile 📱 

I also need to add the locked and sticky features eventually, again, gotta figure out how. Anyway, here's some random emojis I have on my phone for some reason 🗿🚶💍📳🚭🔐👔👡🔌📀📼〽🃏

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Got the locked and sticky features done or at least partially done. I still need to add then in topic creation and editing too