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Suki vs the command line: round 2

command line rant

Instead of resurrecting an almost 4 years old blog entry I decided to write a brand new entry to keep on ranting!

Soooo...., has anything really changed?

Answer is, not really ūüėú

I still hate the command line with all my passion...

Do I became a Linux guru?

 Nah... in fact, I haven't use a Linux machine in a year or so. The closest I've been from one is using a virtual machine, using a vm is a need, I don't enjoy doing it at all but it has to be done so its done, I usually chose a very good day to do this because I know I will end up all frustrated...

 I don't think I'll ever try to install any version of Linux anything soon.. its just not for me... starting with actually ask any Linux community for advice on what to use, a simple question quickly becomes this heated debate about distros and quickly scalates into something completely different to what I originally ask... that alone completely scares me away from even attempt to give it another try.

 Then theres the user-friendly thing, no, do not use the typical "but have you tried Ubuntu?" argument. Yes, I have used it, I found it as non-friendly as whatever homemade distro you can find.

 Lastly, the drivers... oh dear lord... if theres something I hate more than the command line is having to spend time hunting down drivers and navigate through endless pages of so called "friendly wikis" and "how to" pages...

 Every single wiki page I have found has the same mistake:  everyone assumes you created Linux itself or are a regular contributer to the Linux kernel...

That or trying to google it and come up with 7,328.17 different ways to do it... each and everyone "better and faster" then the previous one.

I do, however, greatly appreciate all the work done by all the people behind OS drivers.

Another thing, when I spend time on a computer I want to get things done, a PC does this for me in the sense that I do not have to spend half my time googling about how to do X or Y. You may say that once I get "used to" a linux that problem will go away... but the thing is... it takes literally forever to get used to a linux machine... not only that, if you ever want to try a different version then you gotta start all over again.  Its just not practical.

One last thing.  I do not want to become a sys admin or a core kernel contributor... I do not want to hack the Pentagon or put a selfie on the hubble's spectograph...

As cliche as this sounds, thats exactly the "vibe" I get whenever I tried Linux. It feels like I need to know C just to be able to turn on my computer. This has happen every time I tried any Linux version so far, it feels like a downward spiral into been a "hardcore linux" fan  and I simply do not want that.

After all, it was designed by and for command line enthusiasts... and thats something that will always be there.

I tried, I did tried but no luck...

"Linux is for power users, and Windows is for n00bs"

I've seen this popping here and there whenever theres a stupid discussion about linux vs windows. Like any other examples where generalization and extreme views are the only acceptable points of views, this is a rather stupid statement.

Theres more out there than just power users and noobs... its frustrating when asking at any linux community you get inmediately labeled as a noob who "only wants to play farmville on facebook"  its annoying...

Its also pretty annoying that the only argument plenty of Linux fans use is: My noob {insert familiy member here} uses Ubuntu to {insert noob activity here} and s/he doesn't have any trouble, therefore, Linux is suitable for everyone.

WTF?  really? so the only possible options I have is either:

- Be Linus Torvalds
- Play solitarie/farmville

And no, I'm not exaggerating, this is exactly how a big chunk of Linux users see themselves and other people.

Linux assumes that you are an intelligent person

Having the freedom to do whatever you want doesn't make you an intelligent person.

But anyway, enough with the Linux crap.

Do I still only like to write stuff in PHP and nothing else?

This indeed has changed, I am now in peace about learning new things. It has helped me to be better at what I like to do which is doing stuff in PHP.

I didn't particulary like JavaScript, now I do and I enjoy reading about it and try things here and there.  One of the most difficult things to do while writting JS code is not to "write code in a PHP style", that is, do not try to write JS like you would normally write code in PHP, its been difficult and I still do that a lot.

Ruby has always be there as a kind of "mythical milestone..." for some reason or another I haven't really pick it up beyond the basics.

Learning another language, even if its just the basics has helped me to get a better understanding of how PHP behaves.

What other things have changed?

Well, I kinda learnt to accept the fact that if I want to continue writting code in PHP or another language I will have to have some level of Linux/Windows commands...  do I like it?  nope, of course not but I'll do it anyway.  They said everything comes with a price and I guess having to tolerate all this command line crap is the price I have to pay to be able to enjoy coding.

My approach to the command line is: lets end this as quickly as possible. Combined with minimal interaction and a rather suspicious mindset for goggling linux help.  But overall I still do tend to avoid the command line whenever possible.

Do you have a Mac?


Do you want have a Mac?


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I'm the opposite on OS views. I don't look down on the Windoze users, I just can't understand why they use something that is slow and frustrating to use.

Let's talk about application crashes.

In most Linux distros if a application crashes it just brings down the application. You can leave the application crashed and not worry about much.

In Windows though, most of the majority of the time the whole system starts stalling, which causes a sense of urgency as you scramble to get it fixed before the whole system haults. In any matter I can't do anything critical with this OS as it's just not reliable enough.

There's also usability and I am accustomed to my distro. I need to get things done and allot of times with Windows doing that is just a headache.

On mobile now, so I kept it short.

Thats the thing though, I'm not advocating against or in favor of either OS. To me Windows is "the less annoying" of two very annoying options.

Windows was the first thing I used. I wanted to see what else is out there and the other alternative didn't really worked out well for me so I stayed on windows. The lesser of two evils.

Is not all about the OS itself but the community around it, lets face it, Linux evangelists do tend to look down on anything that isn't Linux. You go there asking anything and got everything but what you're looking for, starting with a long, never ending preach about how Linux is soo much better and 3.2 million different ways to do any trivial thing. sudo this, sudo that a 90 char long command line to get some package, another 60 char long command to install it, another 5 or 6 commands to configure it and install all its dependencies, fail or made a typo on one and you need to start all over again.  Its too time consuming.

I use a latin american keyboard, this means theres a few chars I cannot type that easily, this is specially annoying when typing command lines, its annoying and it takes a lot of time to do simple things.

On windows, you have lots and lots of people eager to answer your questions in the rather pathetic hope they will be "discovered" by Bill and give them a job at microsoft or something. They literally crave for anything that resembles some kind of recognition from microsoft.  As annoying as that may be, at least you got your answer.

Th UI might not be the best, I'm not particularity fond of the whole metro thing, the whole blue screen of death and of course I have to take a look at my settings and privacy from time to time, its annoying too but at least I can do stuff relatively easy.  Committing a change to github for example, on windows I use the basic GUI from git itself, 3 clicks and its done, on Linux I have to type the same amount of command lines which means it takes longer to do the same stuff.

Listening to some music, on windows I just open the windows media player, theres an icon for it on my task bar. On Linux I have to install a media player and then install the controllers or whatever the program needs to play simple old fashioned mp3s files, no icon so I need to do extra clicks to find the program or worst, do a search for it on the command line.  Want to play a movie?  cant do no drivers for your monitor. want to print something? cant do, no drivers for your printer either.  On windows everything is ready to use, even my ancient monitor and my ancient printer works right away.

I know I'm been unfair and totally biased. I know theres a way to have all that done on any linux distro but the thing is, I tried to and I wasn't able to do so.

Its way too polarized, you are either a windows noob or a Linux guru, there is no middle ground for people like me. I got stuck in the middle between using facebook and DoS the pentagon.....  one would assume such big gap will have some space to land and camp on it but apparently it doesn't.