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Things I fear

dark fears

Enough with the aliens stuff...  (for now!)

Now its time to talk about other things, related somehow. Things I fear.  No I do not fear aliens comming over and exterminate us all. I'm afraid of lots of things, I still get very much afraid of silly things and ironically, I'm not afraid of telling it. I always believed that been afraid is good, keeps you alert, keeps you focused, it would be kinda boring going around fearless, what's the excitement in that?

So, things I'm afraid, well, I'm afraid that I won't be alive to see what humanity has invented, chances are I'm not gonna be around in 2088, there will be an Olympic games that year but who knows what kind of new cool stuff humans at that time will be using.  2088 isn't that far away, if I'm still alive, I will have 100 years but even if I'm still around I probably won't be that much lucid or even be able to keep on using a computer or something.

By 2088 this site would no longer exists, it will no longer be remembered by anyone, perhaps there will be some kind of archive of it but no one will ever read them.

Thats two of my biggtest fears, been unable to see and experiment the wonders of technological advancements and not leaving "my footprint" on this world.

I still am lucky to have a grandmother and whenever I can I like to talk with her about the past, old family, where do they come from, where do they lived, things like that. I had a family tree dating back to 5 generations  but no matter how much I dig, I still don't know much about any of them, their hobbies,their fears, what they did, how, things they like, things they did.

Thats what I'm afraid of, at some point I'll just be "someone's" great great grandmother, name and lastname and thats pretty much it.

On the other hand, theres plenty of stuff I am grateful to be a part of.  One Piece for example, I'm grateful to live in the same time period One Piece was released and not only that, I grew up along with it, thats pretty awesome.

Another thing, I'm part of one of the last generations that grew up without cellphones, my childhood was pretty awesome, going outside and play all afternoon, lots and lots of diferent kinds of games, lots and lots of kids to play with. I still remember going to my friend's house, ring the bell and ask her mom if she could come out to play.

I also remember "los reyes magos" gave me a set of chemistry "mi alegría" (mi alegría is a toy maker company)  and I was soo happy with it!

I got my very first smartphone in college, working on summers to be able to buy it, I really don't want to rant about new generations but it does kinda seem they just don't cherish what they have, for them everything is just "taken for granted".

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