Miss All Sunday

See the animal in his cage that you built, are you sure what side you're on?

Used books


One of the things I like to do whenever I need to clear my head is just take a wall, however, if I have time and, more importantly!, money, I like to go downtown and search for old, used books. Donceles street is filled with bookstores that specializes in used books, so called "secondhand bookstores". The concept is simple, if you have some books you no longer need you go there and either donate them or sell them, then someone else can purchase them and give them a new use. Prices are quite affordable, even for highly specialized books.
I became a regular at this type of bookstores since before college, books were expensive and back then internet access wasn't soo common so I needed to figure it out how to save some money. A friend suggested those bookstores so we went to take a look.
I didn't found all the books I needed but I found something else, I found a rather strange fascination with those places, shelves, tables, floors, more shelves even stares, all filled with books, never ending books. Heck even the old book smell. The atmosphere is just great.
Ever since I like to return every now and then, leave some books, pick up new ones. I like to spend some time digging the shelves, trying to find some buried jewel to take home with me 😜