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Useless stuff on my head

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I believe I already pseudo ranted about this but oh well, who the hell cares right?

I have a remarkable thing for remembering the most useless things ever, case in point, I once watched a single episode of the series Coach and there was part that for some unknown reasons it got stuck in my head:

You gotta bury it! Bury it! Bury it with a shovel and then bury the shovel!
This was, dunno, prob 10 or 15 years ago maybe 20 who knows... thing is, it got forever stuck in my head, whats the worst part?  well I also have a thing for remembering useless stuff and often say those useless stuff randomly sometimes for no reason at all,  some other times because I found a relation between a conversation and the thing I just remembered even though no one else sees that. I been caught saying the shovel thing (in Spanish of course) quite a few times now. I often used it as a way to say "forget about it" or "hide it" or something like that.

Lucky for me, I only do that whenever I am comfortable enough around someone, with strangers or people I just happen to know or have a formal relationship only I'm as normal and bored as the next Jane doe, with friends or family however, I do have this tendency to just "be me" and start babling about things no one but myself understands.

I suppose this is the "sign" or the confirmation from my part to officially recognize you as a friend 😜

Now, one awesome thing is that my close friends and family actually don't mind that at all, they even have "learned" to interpret the weird allegories I made, another case in point:  I often, too often replace entire sentences with quotes from Toy Story, whatsapp has only made things worst 😜  I know have a full collection of Toy Story lines and its trivial for me to use them however I want to!

I also often get stuck on one particular quote, can be days or even weeks, right now its this gem from Sid:

Sid Phillips reporting. Launch of shuttle has been delayed due to adverse weather conditions at the Launch Site. Tomorrow's Forecast: Sunny, Ha, ha, ha! Sweet Dreams!
Which I use to tell people I'm late or can't attend a meeting or some other thing like that.

One of the rarest lines I use comes from digimon, yes digimon, I dunno what episode or seasons or whatever but there was this digimon monkey with sunglasses and he said:

Ni creas que me vas a ganar sólo porque digievolucionaste un poco
I have no idea what was the original English line but a rough translation would be:

Don't go thinking you are going to surpass me just because you digivolved a little bit
Yes... I do use that phrase and yes even my closests friends inmediately put a WTF face whenever I say it...  its even more frustrating to "explain" it because I don't really know nothing about digimon except they look like pokemons and theres one who resembles a cactus with boxing gloves (which is another random thing I remember) but thats it.

Books are another source of random lines, my fav is this one from José Emilio Pacheco's "El principio del placer"

Si quieres escribirme hazlo en la lista de Correos Jalapa Veracruz, a nombre de Luisa Berrocal. Ellos me entregarán la carta, porque tengo una credencial con ese nombre.
I use that whenever I want someone to mail (email) me some info.  The curious thing about this phrase is that its purposely poorly written. I also use the name "Luisa Berrocal" whenever I need to put my name on something, I also like to use José Luis Rodríguez "el puma"  as my name, yes its a male name I know, I just like to use it for the lulz.

Another line I like to use, and this one I have no real purpose for it, I just randomly use it whenever I feel like it:

Rosales trae limones;son muy buenos para la sed; pásate uno--
Which comes from another book by José Emilio Pacheco, Las batallas en el desierto.

Another one:

QuoteMis compañeros y yo formamos el dino-escuadrón secreto en alianza con los dinoplativolos del espacio exterior
Which comes from this gem:

los dinoplativolos intro opening
los dinoplativolos intro opening
los dinoplativolos intro opening

I won't even attempt to describe the WTF face anyone around me does whenever I decide to casually say this out loud.

Oh I got an even more useless line, this one comes from an advertisement for one of Dr. Chester L. Karrass courses:

Muchos alardean de su lista de clientes pero la lista de Karras es de otro nivel.
The image I used for this entry its the very same I use for my whatsapp avatar.

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